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The use of Audio – Visual Aids in Education - By Audio-visual aids, we usually mean the most recently used methods to facilitate education like films, documentaries, NET, PPT's etc. Now a days educator want to deliver the best. And institutes like KC International School uses best technical aids to provide maximum benefit to the students and help in their respective subjects.

Audio-Visual is one the main aid by which the educators make education system more trendy and comfortable. We are all aware that Audio-Visual creates long lasting impression on the viewer's mind like movies, documentaries, music, advertising etc. In education arena KC International School has been using Audio-visual Aids so as to create enough impact on the learner that they memorize the topic with ease.

Some of the commonly used Audio and Visual aids to enhance presentation skills are Handouts, flipcharts, whiteboards, slide shows, projectors, illustrations, computer graphics, audio tapes, videos, multimedia, physical objects and 3D models. More then one type of Audio-visual aid can be combined to create a lasting presentation. As the Audio visual aids are many, the planning on the combination of such Aids is important so as to have best results.

These are aids to understand but should never be used as substitute. A presentation should consist of a speaker backed by visual aids and not vice-versa. The presentations should ideally be incorporated once the context planning phase is complete.

- Language is a medium of communication for emotional expressions and is the best means of expression. People can express their thoughts and dreams through self expression by the means of language. One needs to make language learning an everyday activity to improve spoken skills. KC International School has an ELT lab to polish the spoken skills of all the students and ELT classes are taken on regular basis. The ELT lab has electronic gadgets to be used by the trainer. Every student is given a set of headset and a speaking aid with a designated number. The trainer controls the main board of the system and can speak and hear every student individually. The students hear and can record the trainers voice to follow and practice the accent, intonation and pronunciation. The students can also interact with the fellow students through the gadgets with the trainers controls, who can also instruct and guide them. The ELT lab enables the students to hone their spoken skills with ease and in a controlled manner.

Mathematics Laboratory - Mathematics has been central to all learning system from time immemorial. Over the centuries, mathematics has developed as a discipline of study with a focus, a purpose and a scheme. The various inputs of learning of mathematics have aimed at developing certain basic and essential skills for its use in daily life as well as in furtherance of knowledge.

Over the years, an apparent complexity seems to have appeared in the content and the processes involved in the learning of mathematics especially at school level. Concepts of mathematics are seen as difficult to understand and appreciate, thanks to some myth associated in the transaction of the curriculum. Fear for the learning of the subject increases the resistance to the learning process. The situation needs to be attended to. The remedy lies in creating a right ambience for the learning of the subject. Conceptual understanding in the subject of mathematics in highly desirable and the components of spatial understanding and logical reasoning lay the foundation in the student for developing his analytical skills, to co-relate and apply. For this reason the CBSE has endeavoured to launch the idea of mathematics laboratory in schools. Mathematics laboratory in schools helps in redesigning the transaction of the curriculum in which the paradigm of learning would help in developing a familiarity and ownership of the subject. It helps in creating a conducive environment in the class room where the learner learns the basic & essential concepts and skills by doing simple activities. Most of the skills could easily be developed by using indigenous materials like paper, sticks, pins, thread, cardboard and several others simple locally available materials. The main objective of the laboratory is to promote critical thinking and ability to approach a problem in different ways. It calls for firing the imagination of the learners so that they are creative and contributive. In mathematics laboratory, the processes are more important than the products. It is therefore essential that students are exposed to think differently and approach problems without any fear. It calls for taking the concepts of mathematics beyond the limitations of text books. Thus, the open ended approach, carried out with a sense of sincerity of purpose could bring about an entirely positive learning atmosphere in the schools.

The CBSE has also introduced the concept of PEC cards which are meant for teachers teaching at the primary level and are an effective tool for strengthening the transaction of Physical education in schools. The PEC card can be used by teachers of others subjects also. Each card is aimed at providing the essential information needed for engaging all students of the concerned class in the selected game/activity. The card specifies the abilities to be focused by the particular activities, the activities to be organized, the process of organizing the activities, equipment that will be needed, safety measures to be taken and the skills to be developed. This new concept aims to build a healthy and fit generation by initiating a trend of joyful learning.

Sick Bay - A special room especially for students & staff requiring urgent medical attention, well equipped with the latest first aid equipment including oxygen, ambulance constantly monitored by a trained nurse and doctors on call facilitates a congenial & stress free working ambience.

Student being treated at the
School Sick Bay
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Refectory & Canteen

Refectory & Cafeteria - Taste that melt in your mouth palatable fresh refreshments are provided during recess, parent-teacher meets and other days taking preferences from students and staff covering South Indian cuisines to the Mumbai-type Kanda Bhel & Chats in a specially designed refectory as well as the pool-side cafeteria.

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