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Dear Student of KCIS, as you know your school started in the year 2004 and it has been only 9 years since it started but I am very happy and satisfied with the way it has prospered and progressed. There were many obstacles and hindrances in the way even before we had commenced our operations but we were able to overcome them and today we are standing as a mighty institution which we all are proud of. This all started with a vision, a dream in the late 1990’s which my father had and we all in the family shared. So we started working on it tirelessly and relentlessly without letting go of it and stayed focused throughout and finally achieved what looked like a near impossible task in the beginning. I am telling you all this because I want you all to have a vision, a dream of what you want to do, to be in life. Dreams are very important because when you dream a same dream again and again, it gets registered in the subconscious mind and then your mind starts working on finding ways to fulfill it. If you work hard in a disciplined way and stay focused throughout, you can achieve anything in life no matter how difficult it may seem in the beginning and people may laugh at you, but never give up and hold on tight to your dream.

We as an institution are here to hone your skills, guide you and channelize your energies in the right direction for fulfilling your dream because in KCIS we believe that a vision, a dream is very important and we want all our students to have an aim in life as aimless life is a life without a meaning.

“Forward Ever! Backward Never!” with this slogan in their heart KCites should keep marching forward towards fulfilling their dream.


When you see your ship goes sailing
When you feel your heart is breaking
When you want so much but you’re all out of luck
Hold on tight to your dream.

When you need a shoulder to cry on
When you get so sick on trying
When you’re so down hearted and misunderstood
Hold on tight to your dream.

When you see the shadows falling
When you hear that cold wind calling
When you get so down that you can’t get up
Just hold on tight to your dream.


Vishal Chowdhary



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