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Mothers Toddler Programme - The school has introduced “Mother-Toddler Programme’ for the first time in Jammu. This programme help parents to understand the problems faced by the teachers when teaching in the class. As everyday one mother of one child from the class comes to the school & spends one whole day in the class & watches all the activities of their ward. This also helps to form a good rapport between the teachers and the parents for the healthy education of the children.

Confidence-Building Activity - In this activity the children are given a mic practice to boost confidence & oratorial skills. A topic is given to them on spot on which children are supposed to speak few lines. This activity helps the children to become more confident to face the crowd. It also removes the stage phobia of the child.

Surprise Reading & Dictation - helps the children to improve their reading and spelling learning is completely based on activities and demonstrations. All these activities help to develop all round personality of the child so that he is ready to face this competitive world.

Circle Time - Boosts reading, speaking & listening skills of students along with personal rapport building and general awareness activities.

Class Teacher's Period - A 15 (fifteen) minute session at the end of the day is assigned to every class teacher who checks the overall progress of every student during the day-assignments, test performances, attitude & discipline, remarks and notings in the almanac etc. A follow up is essentially done on the following day by the class teachers with the respective students & subject teachers.

Theme Based Teaching - Theme Based Teaching is the concept of integrating the theme with subject of teaching.

  1. Pet animals theme: Making a farm – interaction with pets, knowledge about them, their care etc.
  2. Summer Season: Summer drinks, summer vacations, dresses, food precautions & activities etc.
  3. Sea Beach theme: Sea beach, objects at sea beach, fun, dangers, activities etc.


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