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Cleanliness Drive for Swachh Bharat – Swachhata Pakhwada

My Clean India has now become a mass movement which aims to create an awareness about cleanliness and hygiene. To encourage the spirit of cleanliness and hygiene CBSE celebrated Cleanliness drive for Swachh Bharat – Swachhata Pakhwada from (1st to 15th September) K.C INTERNATIONAL, SCHOOL JAMMU organized a variety of events for the students to create awareness among the students regarding Cleanliness and the ongoing cleanliness drive “Swachh Bharat” started by our respected Prime Minister, Shri Narendra Modi. As part of the campaign for Swachh Bharat-Swachhata Pakhwada (CBSE), various activities were conducted in our school virtually.

1. Swachhata Shapath Day
On the very first day of this mission: 1st of September, All the Students from classes (VI TO XII ) took a pledge on cleanliness to mark “Swachhata Shapath Day” The pledge, in English and in Hindi promoted the virtue of cleanliness both personal and social among students. The students were encouraged not to litter and to dispose the garbage properly & wisely.

2. Swachhata Awareness Day
The students/teachers of K.C INTERNATIONAL SCHOOL, JAMMU participated in a talk to celebrated Swachhata Awareness Day on 2nd of September. The importance of Swachhata was discussed by teachers in their respective classes to maintain their duty in cleanliness towards the school, city and country or wherever they go. It should be a habit which would ensure a better, cleaner and healthier tomorrow. Our students also came forward and presented their views with great zeal and enthusiasm. They prepared different presentations, charts and make beautiful video and mesmerize everyone one with their thoughts about cleanliness and further showed their pledge to make this mission a success.

3. Cleanliness Drive for Swachh Bharat-Swachhata Pakhwada Community Outreach:
Our school Conducted an activity ‘Community Outreach’ on 3rd of September in which the students participated with great enthusiasm and fervour along with their teachers. The students revealed their active participation of educating the people about the proper disposal of waste. The students were successful in guiding people how to dispose the domestic, industrial and agricultural waste, the use of blue and green dustbins, the prevention of dreadful diseases like dengue, malaria, the effects due to blockages etc. All issues were explained by our students very beautifully through virtual mode. They made banners, models, pamphlets, charts and painting on Sanitation etc and posted on social media to make everybody aware about this campaign. This campaign ended with a great message ‘Environment cleanliness’ is a prime priority which should be taken care of!!!

4. Green School Drive (4-9-2021 to 5-9-2021)
The students participated in the ‘Green School Drive’ where in they involved in the campus cleaning activity. But during this pandemic period their home is their campus. The students turned into the real brand ambassadors of this Swachhata Mission. They were involved in cleaning up their home by cleaning their room garden, and terrace etc. The students actively took part in this learning while doing activity. They picked-up wrappers, papers, dry leaves, etc. from their home campus and disposed them off in proper dustbins. Through this activity, they learnt the proper and judicious segregation of biodegradable and non-biodegradable wastes and their proper disposal.

5. Swachhata Participation Day(6-9-2021 to 7-9-2021)
Different activities were organized for students( VI-XI) on account of Swachhata Participation Day . The activities aimed to spread awareness among students to keep our surroundings neat and clean to live a healthy life and also to stay away from diseases. Students presented colourful and catchy slogans, Effective models , cartoons on cleanliness and hygiene practice , they also prepared colourful paintings and decorated banners on the theme, These different activities emphasized how every little effort counts and how each one of us are accountable for bringing a change in the mind-set of people.

6. Hand Wash Day (8-9-2021)
‘Hand Wash Day’ was organized to aimed to motivate & mobilize, students around the school to improve their hand washing habits. The teachers stressed on the habit of washing hands with soap at critical points during the day. The students were trained on Hygiene using Innovative Play-Based methods like proper technique to wash hands. A simple action of proper hand washing would lead to less absenteeism of students from illness. They were encouraged to use hand-sanitizers before and after meal. The students also show cased their thoughts regarding this theme by preparing small videos on it.

7. Personal Hygiene Day ( 9-9-2021 to 10-9-2021)
Good personal hygiene is one of the best ways to protect yourself from getting gastro or infectious disease such as Covid-19 , cold and flu. In order to remind this thing to our students, K.C INTERNATIONAL SCHOOL, JAMMU organized a talk by teachers/students . It was a qualitative approach that involved an effective interaction of students and the teacher. It was an effective way towards personal hygiene. The students were educated about personal hygiene and significant tips given by the teacher like not to share towel, importance of taking bath regularly with soap Dettol, lifebuoy that prevents body odour and kills the odour- causing bacteria, not sneezing in the open etc.

8. Swachhata School Exhibition Days ( 11-9-2021 to 12-9-2021)
Swachhata Awareness messages, slogans were posted on the school website and paintings, pictures sent by the students were displayed in the school boards, reflecting a message on cleanliness from the students.

9. Swachhata Action Plan Days (13-9-2021 to 14-9-2021)
Poster making Activity and Essay writing Day was organised on account of Swachhata Action Day . The students were encouraged by the teachers for making the posters and to write an essay on the related theme ‘cleanliness’. The students penned down their innovative ideas through which they conveyed their commitment towards the betterment of the environment. The posters prepared by the students were clearly conveying the message of cleanliness towards the environment to boost up their confidence and their sincere dedication towards the activity.

The Principal of KC INTERNATIONAL SCHOOL, Ms. Anupama Sinha, the Middle Wing Coordinator Ms. Sonal Gupta, Activity Coordinator, Ms. Rajni Malhotra appreciated and awarded the best three entries from each class.

10. Prize Distribution Day (15-9-2021)
The prize distribution ceremony for ‘Swachhata Pakhwada was held on 15th September. It marked the end of Swachhata Pakhwada campaign , which enlisted a fourteen days action-plan to be followed from 1st September to 14th September, 2021 with various activities to promote cleanliness, with a pledge to keep India ‘Clean and Green’. The students were encouraged to look for other avenues to make Swachh Bharat drive a success and motivated them to push themselves further to achieve the common goal of a clean INDIA.

At the end , Head of the institution; Principal, Ms. Anupama Sinha , the Middle Wing Coordinator Ms. Sonal Gupta, Activity Coordinator-Ms. Rajni Malhotra appreciated students and inspired about the significance of this 14 days mission. Ms Anupama Sinha applauded and congratulated all the teachers for the beautiful conduction of all the activities covered under Swachhata Pakhwada Campaign. Middle Wing Coordinator Ms. Sonal Gupta also appreciated and motivated students to always remain affirm towards one common goal that is Green India , Clean India.

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