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The thrill.The Adrenaline Rush.Euphoria from the triumph over a challenge. The surge in self-confidence that makes you feel like you can take on anything, absolutely anything in life. This was all experienced by KCites when they attended the adventure camp.

An adventure camp was organized at K C International School from November 15-November 17 at KCIS Acres. The camp was organized in two batches. A one day camp was attended by the students of Grade I to III and an overnight camp was attended by the students of Grade IV and V. The aim of the adventure camp was to train the children in some of the practical skills which are required to lead a successful life. The camp was inaugurated by the Principal Mrs. Maya Mishra. There were activities such as rappelling, Burma bridge, Rope Climbing, Flying Fox, etc. The students were divided into groups for different activities and they were guided by a trainer. The skills of leadership and team work were also developed in the students.

The day at the camp started with team building activities where in the students were divided into groups and were advised to follow the instructions of the group leader failing which they could suffer from injuries which could also turn fatal. The groups were given names and they made their own slogans which were used to cheer the students when they were attempting different activities. These slogans really worked well for the team because the children were not afraid to attempt any of the tasks which were put forth.

The overnight camp for Grade IV and V was a real adventure. The evening brought bonfire and dance on DJ. It was also a time when the parents came to visit the children once. The excited thrills of the students were enough to send the parents back home satisfied that the children were having the best time of their lives. The night stay in tents was well organized. The students cleaned and set up their tents very well for the coming night ahead. Though no one slept despite being really tired. The food was also an added attraction as it was more than what the children always desire. At the end of the camp the students received a certificate for completing adventure training successfully. Prizes were also given for the best tent, most disciplined students and star performers.

Principal Mrs. Maya Mishra and Headmistress Mrs. Kesar Patel appreciated and applauded the camp organizer for giving a wonderful opportunity to the children.

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