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KCIS conducts Oxford Learner’s Workshop
K C International school has started ‘Read and Grow’ which focuses on developing reading skills among the children. The school has introduced the concept of class library which would soon be functional in the classes. Reading log has also been added to develop reading skills among the students. The child reads a few pages daily at home and in school. He then makes an entry in the reading log. The parent signs it and then it is countersigned by the teacher in school. Hence regular reading hours are assured on the part of the child. Based on the interest and the number of pages ready by a child, different awards will be given.

To equip the students and teachers with reading skills, a workshop was organized in the school premises. The resource person was Priyamvada Agarwal.

She focused on how to develop the reading skills. She also highlighted on how to use ‘pathways’ effectively in the classes.

Mr. Isaac Daniel, Vice Principal KCIS proposed the vote of thanks. He stressed that such more workshops polish the skills of the teachers and equip them to handle the 21st century learner.

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