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KCites Excel in Olympiad

The students of KCIS excelled in recently concluded National Science and Cyber Olympiad. The long list of students who figured in different class groups and level added another feather in the cap of the school. The adequate stress on application based learning and sound teaching method was instrumental in achieving this bonanza. The names of students who figured in the lists are as under:

(17th SOF National Science Olympiad)
Class I : - Akshay Choudhary – Gold Medal
Class II :- Manik Ambardar – Gold Medal
Ananya Anand – Silver Medal
Driti Gupta – Bronze Medal
Class III :- Suryansh Choudhary – Gold Medal (NCO) (Going For Level 2)
Bhumik Dhar – Gold Medal (Going For Level 2)
Aditi Gupta – Silver Medal
Divam Upadhaya – Bronze
Class IV :- Nikunj Mahajan – Gold Medal (Going For Level 2)
Devansh Mangotra – Silver Medal
Aditya Singh – Silver Medal
Dhriti Kotwal – Bronze Medal
Class V :- Advay Gupta (Gold Medal Of Excellence and Certificate Of Excellence)
Akilesh Mangotra (Gold Medal Of Excellence and Certificate Of Excellence)
Rishi Bhushan – Gold Medal
Rijul Jain – Silver Medal
Saksham Vohra – Bronze Medal

(National Cyber Olympiad)
Class II :- Harsh Vardhan Singh – Gold Medal
Medhansh Parashar – Silver Medal
Manik Ambardar - Bronze Medal
Class III :- Divam Upadhaya – Silver Medal
Suryansh Chowdhary – Gold Medal (Qualified Level One)
Class V :- Advay Gupta – Gold Medal
(Certificate of excellence and qualified level 1)
Shivam Pandita – Gold Medal

Suvang Jandial of Class-XII got Medal of Excellence and qualified for level 1.

The Principal Dr. Ravi Bhushan felicitated the achievers during morning assembly and told the students the importance of these tests, which give students a chance to gauge their understanding of subject in a larger group of students.

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