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KCites present Historical Monuments- A Show

January 28, 2015 - The students of KC International School presented a programme on Measuring Historical Monuments and Natural Disasters. The whole programme and projects are associated to the British Council’s International School Award. Various students from class V, VI, VII and VIII participated. The students made excellent presentations on various Monuments of India, Italy and UK. They spoke about its history and showed calculation related to area, circumference etc. The students showed the relationship between Mathemtics and everyday life. They covered different aspects like importance of heritage in our lives and the ways to conserve these monuments. Maximum number of the students showed their laborious efforts to make the projects on the great natural disasters which affected the three major countries- India, Japan and UK. Some students presented beautiful talks on both the topics.

The Vice- Chairman, Mr. Chaitanya Chowdhary of the school was the chief guest and the Principal Dr. Ravi Bhushan and the Vice-Principal Mr. Daniel were the guest of honour. The programme was put up by the students under the guidance of their teachers Ms. Sheetal Bhat and Ms. Meenakshi Singh. Ms. Kesar Patel, the middle school coordinator was the over all incharge. The programme culminated with the blessings showered by the chief guest and guest of honour.

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