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KC International School conducts Mock Parliament
KC International School conducted a mock parliament session on 4th of August 2014. The main objective of conducting such a session is to make the students familiar with the whole process and proceedings of the parliament. The students of class IX participated in that session. The main agenda of the Mock Parliament was “Privatization of electricity in J&K”. The student played roles of various leaders of ruling as well as opposition party and tried to come to a conclusion. As we all know that most of the countries of the world are following the democratic process. Being the citizens of largest democracy of the world, we should know about various issues and agencies of our country. The another objective of such a session is to develop public speaking skill, and confidence among the students. The mock parliament session was conducted under the guidance of Ms. Manmita Das Raina and Ms. Manju Datta. Dr. Ravi Bhushan, Principal of KCIS was present in the event and he appreciated and encouraged the students as well as teacher concern for such a positive approach.
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