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KCIS Organized Show and Tell Competition
Every student is unique and blessed with many hidden talents which are require to be explored and showcased. KCIS is the institution where every student gets the opportunity to perform and enhance their knowledge and skills. In the series Pre-Primary department of K.C.International School organized “Show & Tell Competition” for UKG (Blooming). All the students suppose to show some object and speak about it. They brought flags, toys, pictures and many things to participate. This competition will enhance their self-confidence and public speaking skills. The best performers of the event were Samaeira Raina, Ridhiman Jasrotia, Mantake Singh, Manya Banotra, Mannat Gadgotra, Ananya Kanwar, Adarshita Chandwal, Minerva puri, Vivek Sharma and Karnesh Salgotra. The Principal Dr. Ravi Bhushan appreciated the talent and the effort of the teachers.

Ms Sangeeta Gupta has participated in National Children Science Congress held at Department of Education, Muthi Camp, Jammu. The theme was Climate and Weather change. She will help in preparing KCites for making working and non-working models and projects to be shown in various district level/ national level exhibitions.

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