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World Heritage Monuments Day Celebrated at KC International School

The students and staff of KC International School celebrated the World Heritage Monuments day.

The aim of this activity was to sensitize the students towards the heritage monuments in their own city as well as in the other countries. The students went for a visit to Hari Palace. The students gained knowledge about the erstwhile Dogra rulers. As the museum is a reflection of the life of Dr. Karan Singh, the students got an insight into his life and a few other aspects. The golden throne which was used by the rulers held a special fascination for the students and they were in awe about it. The students also sketched the picture of the palace. they presented a report and solved a worksheet after their tour. The teachers had also made a presentation about some of the lesser known monuments of India and the world. The students came to know about these monuments in brief. A quiz was also conducted for the students.

Principal, Dr. Ravi Bhushan also stressed the need for conserving these monuments. He encouraged the students to take part in such activities in future also. He stated that Italy has the most number of Heritage monuments followed by China and so on.

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